Shridevi Institute of Engineering and Technology

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Dr. Narendra Viswanath

Principal, SIET, Tumakuru


At SIET, we strongly advocate embracing challenges as chances to develop and succeed. Our institution fosters a culture of dedication and perseverance, empowering students to gracefully navigate life’s obstacles and pursue their aspirations with confidence and grace.Greetings, dear friends!We extend a warm welcome to SIET, where you embark on a journey of exploration and enlightenment.


We at SIET believe that the path to success lies in accepting challenge as opportunities for growth. Our institution inculcates the journey of hard work and diligence among its students enabling them to overcome obstacles in the journey of their future lives with dignity and poise. The essential quality developed in an engineering graduate at SIET is to possess the ability for effective problem-solving.

Also, the softer but crucial aspects of engineering are “character” or “attitude” building. Development mind-set for holistic, systemic thinking and recognizing skills for administration; all these in addition to the conventional inputs towards development of analytic, rational skills. Recognizing the primary accountability of an adult student for learning, and day-to-day problems each students is mentored by a Teacher Guardian and the institution has a full-fledged Dean of Academic Affairs.

As a young Institution we have miles to go. A new workshop and Hostel complex is coming up in the College Campus itself along with indoor and outdoor facilities for sport and games. I am also proud of the great team we have in the institute. In the short span time SIET has strive not only to give the best engineering education to our students under some of the most erudite and well-respected faculty, but also to integrate their knowledge in excellently equipped laboratories, through individual project, and by sending them out for interactive field work in industries during their higher semesters. The academic professionalism the members of faculty demonstrate is remarkable.

I sincerely look forward to the day we meet.

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