Shridevi Institute of Engineering and Technology

• Admissions For All UG Courses (2024-25) Management Seats Is Now Open, • CET CODE – E-130, PGCET: MBA – B282 ,M.Tech – T872

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) commenced in 2006 with an initial enrollment of 60 students. This program offers a dual specialization in Marketing, Finance, and HR, catering to ambitious innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers. It emphasizes a balanced blend of theoretical understanding and hands-on experience.

This initiative aims to cultivate the aspirations of future business leaders, providing them with a platform for growth. The department is committed to delivering high-quality education to budding managers through innovative teaching methods and practical exposure


To elevate the Quality in Management Education through value based Research by engaging Faculty and Students to build a Premier Business School


Promoting a culture of Academic Excellence benchmarked against the Best Management Institutions. Imparting Co-curricular and Extra- curricular activities.

Dr. K S Ramakrishna

Head of the Department



The department trains its budding managers to face life and career challenges by offering numerous value-added programs to enhance their skills. Our goal is to impart value-based quality education along with the development of a positive attitude, skills, and abilities to apply knowledge to meet future challenges. The excellent infrastructure and teaching faculty members of the best kind ensure quality education, fostering interaction among students, parents, and staff. Additionally, a Training and Placement Cell ensures a bright future for its students

The outstanding infrastructure and dedicated faculty ensure top-notch education, fostering interaction among students, parents, and staff. Supported by a robust Training and Placement Cell, we guarantee a promising future for our students. We firmly believe that our graduates will not only enrich our institution and their workplaces but also contribute significantly to our nation. With confidence in our collective potential, we eagerly anticipate sharing our journey towards a bright future with you.

An MBA degree unlocks diverse career paths, including management consulting, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, operations management, and human resources. Graduates often excel in roles where strategic thinking, problem-solving, and leadership are crucial. They may advise organizations on business strategies, manage financial assets, lead marketing campaigns, or launch their own ventures. Additionally, opportunities exist in areas such as operations optimization, talent management, and technology innovation. The versatility of an MBA equips graduates to thrive in dynamic and competitive professional environments across various industries.


➊ Comprehensive Curriculum**: MBA programs typically offer a well-rounded curriculum covering core business disciplines such as finance, marketing, operations, and strategy.

➋ Specialization Options: Many MBA programs provide opportunities for specialization, allowing students to focus on areas like finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, or healthcare management.

➌ Experiential Learning: Programs often incorporate experiential learning opportunities such as case studies, consulting projects, internships, and simulations to provide real-world exposure and practical skills development.

➍ Global Perspective: With an increasingly interconnected world, MBA programs often emphasize global business perspectives, offering opportunities for international study, global immersion trips, or cross-cultural projects.

➎ Networking Opportunities: MBA programs provide extensive networking opportunities through alumni networks, career events, guest lectures, and industry partnerships, facilitating valuable connections for future career advancement.

➏ Leadership Development: Many MBA programs focus on developing leadership skills through workshops, seminars, coaching sessions, and leadership labs, preparing students for managerial roles and executive positions.

➐ Entrepreneurship Support: Some MBA programs offer resources and support for aspiring entrepreneurs, including startup incubators, entrepreneurship courses, venture capital competitions, and mentorship programs.

➑ Personalized Career Services: MBA programs often provide dedicated career services offices offering assistance with resume writing, interview preparation, job search strategies, and access to job postings and recruiting events.

➒ Flexibility in Delivery: With the rise of online and part-time MBA programs, students have greater flexibility to pursue their degree while balancing work, family, or other commitments, making higher education more accessible.

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