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Welcome to Applied Sciences Wing

The Applied science department is established in 2002 of the Sridevi Institute of Engineering & Technology (SIET). The department has well qualified and experienced faculty, with all necessary infrastructure. The department aims at preparing the students for careers in all engineering aspects and also carries out basic and applied research work. The department has 14 teaching staff, and 5 support staff members. Most

the staff members are doctorate holders. Young staff members are actively involved in research and pursuing Ph.D as parttime candidate.

Applied science Department is emphasises on the application of scientific knowledge transferred into a physical environment. Examples include testing a theoretical model through the use of formal science, or solving a practical problem through the use of natural science. Fields of engineering are closely related to applied sciences. Applied science is important for technology development.

The basic sciences are very important subjects in the field of engineering and they form a good base for four year degree engineering Programme of different branches. Applied science department has the following laboratories:

  • Chemistry Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Language Lab
  • Internet Lab

The laboratories are fully equipped with advanced instruments required for conducting the various laboratory experiments of the applied science subject.

First Year Engineering Academic Office

SIET's First Year academic office is headed by a senior faculty coordinates all the activities of first year degree engineering students. It interacts directly with the parents and personal care of every entrant is being taken so as to make him or her feel at home. This academic office is engaged with various student related activities like class teacher ship, tutorship, personality development etc. Tutor teacher acts as a guide, philosopher and parent to twenty entrants of the class.

The class teacher coordinates between tutor and Academic Director. The office sends all the progress reports to the parents thrice a semester regarding their attendance, unit test performance and other instructions through Emails and Postal Mails. Academic Director will solves the academic / non-academic problems of the first year degree engineering students. First year classes are also well equipped with furniture such as L.C.D. Projector and other teaching aids.

Dr. N. Chandrashekar

Dean - Academic, SIET

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