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  1. ROBOTHLON 2015

    Category: Events/Events Conducted - ME

    ... in our institute by a Resarch person, Mr. Arun Singh from the company Robosapiens Pvt. Ltd. A total of 71 members participated in the Workshop cum competition. Robothlon 2015 was a two days national level ...
    Thursday, 11 August 2016
  2. Two day workshop - Quad 2015

    Category: Events/Events Conducted - ME

    The Mechanical department organized two days workshop "Quad 2015" on 12-05-2015. The resource persons from Agragami applied aeronautics, Banglore. The theme of workshop is to design and prepare Quadcopters ...
    Thursday, 11 August 2016
  3. Students Achievement - Biotechnology

    Category: Dept Achievements/Students Achievement - BT

    ... nanoparticles from the plant extract of Simarouba glauca from 24-26 February 2016 Hemmanur Kavya Chandrika (1SV11BT003) obtained a scholarship worth of 5000 US$ to pursue Masters Program in Biomedical ...
    Monday, 08 August 2016
  4. Student FDP Conducted

    Category: Events/Events Conducted - MBA

    1) VTU Sponsored Three Days Workshop on “Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp” from 19th to 21st August 2014 2) Campus to Corporate 4 Days Training Program conducted from 3rd October To 6th October 2013 by ...
    Saturday, 06 August 2016
  5. Paper Presentations & Publications - MBA

    Category: Dept Achievements/Staff Achievements - MBA

    ... conference titled ‘Changing Consumer Preferences from Unorganized Retailing towards Organized Retailing’ at SIET, Tumkur on 7th & 8th October 2013. Prathap B N & Kokila N N participated and presented ...
    Tuesday, 19 July 2016
  6. Three days Soft Skill Training Programme

    Category: Events/Events Conducted - MBA

    Three days Soft Skill Training Programme on ‘Employability Skills’ from 4th to 6th  May 2016 by Mrs. Padmaja Muralidhar, Mysore. The topics covered were creating a positive first impression, ...
    Tuesday, 19 July 2016
  7. Biz Quiz 2k16

    Category: Events/Events Conducted - MBA

    ... Geography etc. 6 Teams were Selected to this round. The Response from the students was hastening. Students participated very enthusiastically and made the event a Successful one. It was an activity which ...
    Tuesday, 19 July 2016
  8. Ragging is a Criminal Offence

    Category: General/General Contents

    ...  define ragging as: “Causing, inducing, compelling or forcing a student, Whether by way of practical joke or otherwise, to do any act which detracts from human dignity or violates his / her person ...
    Friday, 24 July 2015
  9. EEE - Students Acheivments (2012 Onwards)

    Category: Dept Achievements/Students Achievement - EEE

    ... Compound Power Generation From Speed Breakers And Solar Cells With GSM Technology ” selected for KSCST Sponsored Project during 2013-2014 Ms. Mamtha Kulkarni & Team: Project work entitled – “Android ...
    Monday, 16 March 2015
  10. Paper Presentation and Publication - Biotechnology

    Category: Dept Achievements/Staff Achievements - BT

    Chandrappa C P - In Vitro Apoptotic Activity of Endophytic Fungal Lectin Isolated from Endophyte, Aspergillus flavus of Viscum album on Human Breast Adenocarcinoma Cell Line (MCF-7), Metabolomics 6(1):1-7. ...
    Saturday, 14 March 2015
  11. Paper Presentation and Publication - Physics

    Category: Dept Achievements/Staff Achievements - Applied

    Magnetic and electrical properties of electron beam gun deposited multilayered films, R. Ramanna, T.Sankarappa, T. Sujatha, J. S. Ashwajeet and P. J. Sadashivaiah Journal of Advances in Physics, ...
    Saturday, 14 March 2015
  12. Paper Presentation and Publication - Mechanical Engineering

    Category: Dept Achievements/Staff Achievements - ME

    ... presented at National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai during October 29-31, 2014 T. B. Udayashankar Aradhya - “From Lean To Agile Manufacturing Journey To Achieve Manufacturing Goals ...
    Saturday, 14 March 2015
  13. Paper Presentation and Publication - Mathematics

    Category: Dept Achievements/Staff Achievements - Applied

    Asst. Prof. Kishor Kumar M. K. - Presented a Paper entitled with “Chemically reacting radiative flow in the presence of aligned magnetic field and viscous dissipation” in National conference on Pure ...
    Saturday, 14 March 2015
  14. Paper Presentation & Publications - Chemistry

    Category: Dept Achievements/Staff Achievements - Applied

    ... R. (2016) "Endophytic synthesis of silver chloride nanoparticles from Penicillium sp. of Calophyllum apetalum". Advances in Natural Sciences: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. 7(2): 025016 (1-5). Mahabaleswara ...
    Saturday, 14 March 2015
  15. Paper Presentation & Publications - Electrical and Electronics Engineering

    Category: Dept Achievements/Staff Achievements - EEE

    Siddapajji. M. R. - Presented a Paper entitled with “power distribution n/w reliability evaluation using MCS” in National Conference on NCDDEE-19th & 20th sept 2013 in SSIT, Tumakuru. Siddapajji. ...
    Saturday, 14 March 2015
  16. Paper Publications - Computer Science and Engineering

    Category: Dept Achievements/Staff Achievements - CSE

    Paper Publications C. D. Guruprakash - “Assuring data integrity in cloud using regeneration codes” International Journal of Emerging Trends in Science & Technology, ISSN NO: 2348-9480, Impact factor: ...
    Saturday, 14 March 2015
  17. Paper Presentations - Computer Science and Engineering

    Category: Dept Achievements/Staff Achievements - CSE

    Paper Presentations C. D. Guruprakash - Presented a Paper entitled with “Rebalancing the load for the Distributed file system using load rebalancing Algorithm” is presented in the International conference ...
    Saturday, 14 March 2015
  18. ICEITSW 2013

    Category: Events/Events Conducted - SIET, Tumakuru

    ... papers from academia, R&D institutions, industries, professionals, research scholars, PG students who are actively involved or carried out research related works, designs, findings in solving problems ...
    Wednesday, 01 January 2014
  19. Soft Skill Development Programme

    Category: General/General Contents

    The “Soft Skill Development” Programme has been made compulsory from the first to Final year students to enhance their communication skills and improve group discussion and interview skills. These efforts ...
    Sunday, 15 September 2013
  20. Rules and Regulations at SIET

    Category: General/General Contents

    ... by the rules & regulations framed by the Institute from time to time. For misbehaviour of any nature, the student will be liable to punishment including rustication. The student shall wear apron in ...
    Wednesday, 28 August 2013
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